Error Messages in Edge Pipeline

 If you receive this error, it may resolve itself within a few minutes. The system is in the process of sending your data to the auction. After 5 minutes, log out, log back in, and you should be able to start participating in the sale. If not, please call our support line. 

 In this scenario, the auction may need to 'downgrade' your account on the admin side. You will need to call our support line, and provide the last 4 of your social security number. 

This error indicates that there is something wrong with your account in the Auction Management System. You may have an outstanding balance, need to update your license, etc. Prior to contacting our support team, please contact Auction Access to insure that all of your information is correct. This will help us to expedite your request. You can log in or create an Auction Access online account by clicking here.

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